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VIP Arming Vets to Win

VBS graduates from VIP and enhances its franchise concept value aimed at Federal product and service opportunities

The Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP) is the country’s first-ever program to train veteran service-disabled and veteran owned small businesses to succeed in the federal contracting market. The Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation funds this three-day, 27-hour comprehensive training program with its partners and other VIP Sponsors. The VIP Program is offered at no cost to veteran businesses admitted to VIP. VIP is aimed at veterans who are senior, “C-level” executives of small businesses with about three employees and at least two years in operation. The June 2015 VIP session graduated 50 veteran-owned small businesses, from 12 states, Washington D.C., and a U.S. Island Territory.  Veterans Business Services (VBS) was among the proud graduates who were lauded by VIP and received Congressional recognition as well.

VBS has been searching for ways to allow smaller franchise ventures to partner with established government contractors. Teaming on contract proposals has been especially helpful for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) which can be certified to enhance bid proposals and also be eligible for Set-a-Side contracts. Contract Awards are of course still dependent on quality, experience and price considerations so combining an SDVOSB with a larger experienced contractor can be a winning combination.

VIP is the brainchild of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation President, Barbara Ashe, who is also the VIP National Director. Since the program launched in 2009, VIP has graduated 496 veteran-owned businesses from 35 states including Alaska and Hawaii, Washington, D.C., and a U.S. Island Territory. 80% are SDVOSB, 39% 8(a), 51% minority-owned, 13% woman-owned, and 11% are HUB Zone qualified.

VBS has now become part of the exclusive VIP network and plans to leverage that status to enhance training opportunities for its own SDVOSB franchise network. The VBS Franchise Accelerator will now incorporate a procurement module into its custom training programs which will then allow its SDVOSB clients to accelerate their federal sales and marketing strategies.

  •  A survey of 184 VIP graduates created 2018 jobs and increased their revenue by an average of 49% within their first year of graduation.
  • Over 82% said they changed the way they do business after graduating from VIP
  • As Veteran Owned businesses, 55% of their employees are former warfighters, including service-disabled
  • 3 of the 7 SDVOB/VOB winners of the Veteran Affairs T4-$12B Contract are VIP Graduates; Many teaming agreements for federal contracts have been formed among VIP graduates; and 1 of the 10 SDVOSB winners of the NIH CIO-SP3 GWAC -$20B contract is VIP Graduate
  • Longview. Its Prime Contract Spot on PACTS I – earned a $178M contract

VIP 5.0 Graduate Session To expand upon the success of the VIP Program, MCCCF created the VIP 5.0 Graduate Session. This program is designed for the continued education of Veteran Institute Procurement (VIP) graduates. VIP 5.0 offers a full day of training to the VIP alumni and introduces new information and capacity enhancing capabilities. – See more at:

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