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Veterans Funding Veterans

Matthew “Griff” Griffin,former Army Ranger of the 75th Ranger Regiment, created a business born out of a vision from his experiences in Afghanistan.

Combat Flip Flops exists to create opportunities for entrepreneurs in conflict areas around the world in hopes of changing the way wars are won—by making products that empower consumers to promote peace through trade.

And it’s working: Combat Flip Flops manufactures their products in Laos, Colombia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, putting women to work and girls in school. But making cool stuff in dangerous places has its setbacks. As a rapidly growing small business with less than two years of experience, conventional banks and lenders have not been willing to fund their growth.

Combat Flip Flops came to StreetShares seeking working capital. “As a fellow veteran-owned business, they understood our mission of business, not bullets,” Griff said. “In doing so, they’ve been able to help us come up with creative financing options to fund our growth for the next year.”

Less than three months after receiving their StreetShares small business loan, Combat Flip Flops was featured in an article on the tech website Gizmodo.

“Orders went through the roof,” Griff said. “We could not have met the demand without our StreetShares loan.”

Veteran-owned themselves, StreetShares understands the unique challenges veterans face when funding their business. That’s why they’re committed to doing all they can to help.

Here’s how it works: Business owners apply for a loan and provide interesting info about their business. StreetShares’ investor members then compete in an online auction to fund portions of the requested loan -it can be described as “Shark Tank meets eBay for small business loans.” Plus, StreetShares is so committed to growing small business, they personally back a portion of every loan.

To learn more about how StreetShares is putting capital into the hands of veteran small business owners, visit

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