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VBS presenting at Elite SDVOB Mid-Atlantic Conference


VBS will be participating in the afternoon breakout session entitled:



Franchising is the all American business model, in this session hear from those who have done it on how to get started, financing your franchise, and critical information that factors in long term success.

There are proven track records of Veterans in Franchising.  Franchises run on systems, relying upon traits and skills.   Participants will learn how to join this force of leaders of the national economy.

IN FRANCHISING you are IN Business for yourself, but not BY yourself.

VBS will be providing the most up to  date information on what the current market has to offer to the businesses of America in the way of financing.  Participants can learn some very practical information regarding capital for your business.

See how VBS connects Veteran entrepreneurs to financing and equips them with the resources and knowledge to get their venture off the ground.    Franchising has created significant wealth for individual operators and investors.  This session will provide the inside story on investing in franchising from experts, many who have turned small businesses into significant financial returns.

Elite SDVOB seek to extend an invitation to respective veterans who are members of your Veteran Student organizations. This event will bring value to those student veterans who may be interested in starting or growing business ventures. Those interested forward a brief e-mail to  stating your interest in attending the event on January 30th, 2014.

Elite will grant free admission as well as meals to the first 50 students who email the conference website stating their interest. Elite also would like for 15-20 student veterans to perform as event monitors performing brief tasks of guiding participants to sessions and perform at the registration desks during the event from 7a.m to 7p.m.

If you require any additional information about the Mid-Atlantic Conference or ELITE’s SDVOB Network view our conference web-site

Register for the conference by visiting

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