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VBS next to President Bush at EBV Conference

VBS, a social enterprise for Veterans in Franchising, is a unique Veteran Service Disabled franchise consulting firm and VBS is a graduate company of the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) at Purdue University. VBS had the good fortune to get to meet President Bush at the new George W Bush Presidential Institute. President Bush, always a strong Veteran supporter, made a surprise visit to honor EBV companies participating in the recent EBV national conference in Dallas.

The Founder of VBS, Jim Mingey, standing next to President Bush above, is one of only a few Vietnam Veterans admitted to the EBV program. He was accepted in EBV in part because his business plan not only provides great service and value to veterans seeking to enter the franchise industry but also funds a social enterprise mission which promotes opportunities for service disabled veterans and their families.

VBS is now featured on the Veterans Administration Entrepreneurial Portal.

The “Franchise Accelerator”™ tool was developed in part with funds provided by the VA. This new VBS tool has provided a national platform for service disabled Veterans who want to enter many aspects of the Franchise Industry, including single and multiple unit ownership, franchise concept development or a custom developed, hands on franchise industry educational experience.

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