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VBS Introduces its VRE Program for 2015 at SBA Advisory Committee

VBS Introduces its VRE Self-Employment Program for 2015 at SBA Advisory Committee for Veterans Business Affairs.

VBS Managing Partner, Jim Mingey was provided the opportunity to present the VBS Program for Franchise Self-Employment for 2015. VBS was among several presenters on Veteran Small Business including Tom Liney, Executive Director for the VA Office of Veterans Small Business Programs. VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program (VRE) is now trying to develop new ways to expose the VRE Self-Employment Program through the SBA’s Boots to Business program for transitioning Veterans and their families. The VBS Program will offer franchise training options eligible under the VRE Program.

Currently less than 1% of transitioning Veterans who qualify for VRE choose to participate in the VRE Self-Employment Track. These figures pale against the SBA report that states that over 9% of all U.S. businesses are owned by Veterans. Some of the disparity reflects the severity of a disability that affects the VRE client. The VBS Program will offer four Veterans, who quality under the VRE program, training to learn how to help other veterans to acquire franchises or how to develop a franchise system.

VRE qualified Veterans should contact VBS directly at 202-349-0860 or can apply for VRE qualification online go at

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