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The VEP is comprised of three phases: a five-week self-study component, an intense eight-day training program at the University of Florida, and a five month mentorship period with online peer-to-peer networking. This three phase program offers an innovative and effective combination of focused, practical training in venture creation and growth, as well as a support structure for graduates of the program.

Phase I: Concept Development and Self Study
Over the initial five-week period, delegates will participate in a self-study curriculum developed for the VEP, facilitated by an online discussion and assessment module, which will be moderated by entrepreneurship faculty. This phase enables delegates to work on development of business concepts and prepare for Bootcamp at the University of Florida campus in May. Those with existing businesses will work on understanding and shaping relevant business issues.
Phase II: VEP Bootcamp

Like a military bootcamp, this seven-day residency in Gainesville, FL is intense, rigorous and demanding. It is an opportunity for hands-on learning and interaction with faculty, guest entrepreneurs, business experts and peer delegates. The bootcamp exposes VEP participants to the “nuts and bolts” of business ownership through experiential workshops and lessons from world-class faculty representing nationally ranked programs around the country.

Phase III: Mentoring and Venture Development
Delegates are provided with five months of ongoing mentorship from entrepreneurs and subject matter experts and online peer-to-peer networking. This phase of the VEP will enable delegates to get feedback specific to their ventures and offer extended hands-on learning that is critical to success.

February 15, 2018 Application Deadline (apply as early as possible) Rolling Admissions Acceptance Decisions

March 26 – April 27, 2018 Phase I: Self Study and Business Concept/ Issues Development
May 6-12, 2018 Phase II: VEP Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

May 26 – Nov 7, 2018 Phase III: Mentoring and Business Development Support, Online Peer to Peer Networking

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