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Built By a Franchisor – For Franchisors
Any growing brand will face a time when it lacks the resources or manpower to run processes with consistency.

Naranga knows how difficult it is to successfully manage and grow a multi-location franchise business. They been in your shoes, and they applied their experience to create a software platform that will scale and flex with your brand.

Their founder is a multi-location entrepreneur who spent decades managing franchises. He experienced first-hand how difficult it is to manage and grow a franchise with piece-meal solutions. Therefore, he developed Naranga as the most complete, easy-to-use, franchise management solution, because he knows what it takes.

Today, a multi-location owner and their team can log in from any device, anywhere to manage everything.

Their dynamic enterprise platform is designed to serve businesses from 1 to 1000+ locations. They are proud to offer the simplest, most robust solutions for the franchise market.

Naranga, an enterprise technology company dedicated to increasing multi-unit growth, provides mobile-centric software solutions to manage franchise, retail and hospitality operating systems. Created by a successful multi-unit entrepreneur, Naranga’s configurable platform enhances overall operations management, lead gen deployment and more. Headquartered in Atlanta, Naranga’s dynamic enterprise platform, including franchise sales and marketing automation solution eMaximation, is designed to serve the smallest of multi-unit businesses to 1000 locations or more.

Veterans Business Services has been supporting small business and the expansion of those small businesses with business products and services including marketing support, business mentoring and business training to help Veterans become successful.

VBS is very excited to partner with Naranga to promote their products to Veterans in the business marketplace.

Naranga sees the importance of our business model and the importance of supporting Veterans in small business and they have decided to offer 15% off of the Naranga suite of products through our partnership.

Naranga is already offering free onboarding and setup fees included which is a great cost savings.

So if you want to transition your small business into a franchise model or need software tools which will support the expansion of your current established franchise, Naranga can help.

If you would like to see how the suite of Naranga products can help you scale your business and to qualify for the 15% discount, please complete the following form:

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