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About Franchising USA

What you need to know about us…
Franchising USA is a monthly digital publication bringing you all the latest news, expert advice, and information from the world of franchising.  Written with franchisees in mind, Franchising USA is a valuable resource for legal and financial advice, marketing and business information, as well as franchise profiles and in-depth features.

Global Franchising
Franchising USA is published by CGB Publishing, member of the IFA, specializing in franchise publications, and with 30 years of experience in international publishing. Our publications also include Canadian Franchising, and Business Franchise in Australia and New Zealand.

About CGB Publishing
CGB Publishing offers solution based media and valuable, timely content on Business Franchise. For nearly 30 years, our successfully driven publications have proven themselves as a global brand and industry leader for readers across the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Content – Credibility and Reliability
We are well respected in the franchising industry. Our editorial is written by top experts throughout the franchise network, offering informative and timely content that is franchisee specific. Our Editor selectively commissions writers (bankers, lawyers, financial and business advisors, government authorities, retail and franchising associations) to provide fresh articles that are directed to the interests and concerns of Potential Franchisees and Master Franchisees alike. Real stories every issue such as Franchisee in Action, Franchisor in Depth, and the latest News from the industry also offer compelling perspectives. Franchise specific features every issue on great Franchise Concepts. Plus our ever-popular Veterans in Franchising Supplement, introduced in June of 2013. Our entire magazine layout, offers a unique and uncluttered approach in delivering pertinent trade information. We pride ourselves on a consistent and user-friendly format.

Connecting the Franchisor with the Franchisee
With a multi-media approach and globally diversified business franchise products, we are a mainstay for the franchisee who seeks reliable, timely and available information 24/7 in downloadable format. Our print and electronic magazine versions, such as the iPhone App and tablet, offer flexibility for any advertiser reaching its niche market of Potential Franchisees.

Franchising USA magazine hosts its own website for e-subscribers, and is also accessible on over 130 online distribution channels for Potential Franchisees, including the familiar sites such as Apple iTunes, Amazon, and and issuu. Also occurring at the IFA Franchise Expos, offering another connection with the Franchisor and its Franchisee.

CGB Publishing understands the importance of franchising with its powerful influence to recharge the US economy and empower dedicated Entrepreneurs looking to start up their own successful business franchise.

Today, more Individuals are looking for ways to become empowered, educated and informed on this important initiative.

CGB Publishing is forging ahead to continue to share its expertise with the franchise industry with Franchising USA Magazine in digital, Canadian Franchising Magazine in Digital and Business Franchise Australia/New Zealand in Digital and Print format.

We have been top sellers with Business Franchise UK and Business Franchise Entrepreneur in Canada. Our background spans nearly three decades culminating a team of seasoned experts and endless potential within the magazine industry, with a focus on franchising. We solely concentrate on franchising and are not preoccupied with several industry sectors… We know franchising and we do it well.

Our team consists of some great individuals who endeavor to get the best information and offer personal service to all our clients:

Colin Bradbury: Publisher

Phone: 778 426 2446

Vikki Bradbury: Publisher and Sales Director
Phone: 778 426 2446

Jennifer Dean: Business Development Manager Canada and USA
Phone: 250 590 7116

Jessica Spoto: Editor Canada and USA
Phone: 778 433 2440

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