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As a member of the military, you earned discipline and skills that can be applied in franchise management. Chances are, you earned something else: a Thrift Savings Account.

With the Rainmaker Plan® from Benetrends, you can use all or a portion of your Thrift Savings Account or other retirement funds to invest in a franchise, start a new venture, or infuse capital into an existing business. This type of self-reliant funding allows you to get a fresh start – tax-deferred and without early distribution penalties – using funds you already have in reserve. In the process, you’ll establish a qualified retirement plan that helps you – and your new company’s employees – plan for the future.

You can pre-qualify for funding before you choose your business. With pre-qualification, you’ll know more about the sources and amounts available. Click here to learn more.

Take control of your career and your future – with your own funds.


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