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Former Army Ranger and Defense Contractor Finds Success

As a former U.S. Army Ranger and security contractor in the Middle East, Mike Daly is no stranger to challenges and stressful situations. After eight years in the US military, including four years as an Army Ranger, Mike was hired as a Security Contractor with DynCorp International where he worked in the Middle East. After that, he decided to return to the States and civilian life, where his next challenge was starting his own business.

“When I was overseas, I always knew I wanted my own company,” Daly said. “I had been looking a lot at franchising. I wanted something that was set up so I could just jump in the saddle.”

He found Signal 88 Security, a franchise company based in Omaha, Nebraska. He saw that his experience aligned with their mission and his skillset allowed him to easily understand and execute on the unique business model.

“It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve done, and that’s saying a lot,” said Daly, the owner of a Signal 88 Security franchise in Tampa and now Orlando. “It takes a lot of work and it’s a huge commitment. It’s like playing poker and going all in.”

Daly’s gamble has paid off, as he now has 14 vehicles, employs 90 security officers, and has around 100 contracts. These contracts mostly consist of commercial and residential areas that Mike and his team patrol daily. During these patrols,the officers’ real mission is to create peace of mind for the community. This is accomplished by deterring crime with the highly visible Roving Patrol Vehicle which comes equipped with cuttingedge,proprietary technology called 88Edge.

“It’s the state-of-the-art technology and personal attention that sets Signal 88 apart from the competition. 88Edge allows officers to provide detailed reports during every single sweep through a complex – even if an individual contract demands up to 10 patrols in one night. The property manager can see these reports online,” Daly said, adding officers look at everything that pertains to safety, including lighting and trash assessments.

“Mike is an example of what the best Signal 88 franchisees bring to the table. Not only is his business performing incredibly well, he’s also a leader and mentor to our other local business owners in Florida. That’s why he’s been the recipient of our brand champion award multiple times,” said Reed Nyffeler, CEO of Signal 88 Security. “At the end of the day, we want all of our franchisees to reach that level of success. That’s why we’re constantly working to provide
ongoing support to our local business owners, and encouraging our franchisees to use one another’s experiences to their advantage.”

Mike Daly isn’t the only Franchise Owner that comes from a military background, as over 75% of Signal 88’s Franchise Owners have military or police experience. With a passion to protect and serve, Signal 88 is a perfect fit for veterans who want to start their own business doing something they love.

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