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Financial Support from LinkedIn Founder, Reid Hoffman, Accelerates Funding

Financial support from LinkedIn Founder, Reid Hoffman, has accelerated the implementation of the Veteran Business Services business model for Service Disabled Veterans businesses.

By providing dollar for dollar matching for the VBS capital campaign the financial goal was achieved in half the time. Thank you, Reid. Proceeds will be used to organize a State Community Public Offering (CPO) in Oregon, which will provide small business services, franchising and special consulting for Service Disabled Veterans developing Self-Employment plans.

The CPO will be supported by Veteran entrepreneurs at both Clackamas Community College and Portland State University (PSU). The CPO concept is to incorporate the next generation of Veteran leaders and entrepreneurs to build expertise in capital formation. Access to capital is one the biggest missing elements for start-ups in today’s economy. By offering the next generation of Veterans the responsibility, capital raising capacity and decision-making power over local/regional business ideas, new leadership will grow in our communities.

By using the same CPO to fund a self-supporting VBS help desk for Veteran small business formation, the CPO it will add a new tool and complement existing federal, state and local small business support systems. The Oregon SBDC network and HATCH ( ) have provided critical support for the business model.

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