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Congratulations, Brian Eaton, Winner of Operation American Dream

It’s no secret that, at Signal 88, we have a special appreciation for veterans. In fact, Signal 88 Security has been listed among the top 10 percent of military-friendly franchises by G.I. Jobs as well as recognized as a Top 100 Franchise for Veterans by Franchise Business Review.

Our respect and gratitude for the service of these brave men and women, as well as their leadership qualities, discipline and entrepreneurial spirit, are among the key reasons why we sponsor Operation American Dream: From Battlefield to Boss, now in its second year.

The contest, which runs from now through May 15, 2014, is an opportunity for Army and Air Force veterans to demonstrate their professionalism, accountability, and commitment to unparalleled service for the chance to win money toward opening their own business. (There will be a separate contest for Marines and Navy veterans later this year).

“Why do people not go to the gym?” Brian Eaton asks in his video entry  for Operation American Dream. “Because it’s boring. How do you fix that? You introduce fun.” That’s exactly what Eaton plans to do with OC Fitness, the business he is launching with his winnings from our Operation American Dream: From Battlefield to Boss contest.

Brian says his seven years of active duty in the Army and six years in the National Guard instilled in him a love of physical fitness. “I would wake up in the morning and my workout would be the first thing that popped into my head.” However, the sedentary nature of his post-military career as a deputy county sheriff left him out of shape and unhappy with his body. “It really put in me in a dark place, and I decided I didn’t want anyone else to have to be in that kind of dark place.”

The answer for Brian was obstacle course racing. Last year he completed 17 races and has already done seven this year. He ranked in the top 100 in the nation for Spartan Races. Now, he wants to share the secret of his success with others. “I’m on the Legends team and for a while now, we’ve been going around to local parks, setting up obstacle courses and giving people free workouts – just to show them what we do.” The amount of interest these free demos have generated started Brian thinking about how he could make a business out of it. “I was talking to a buddy about it. How could I make it happen? What could I do? And the next week I got an email saying that Signal 88 was doing the contest.”

Brian plans to use the $5000 he has won from Operation American Dream to purchase materials to build obstacles, a trailer to carry the obstacles and some marketing for OC Fitness. He will start out as a traveling boot camp, offering three separate introductory, intermediate and advanced classes per week at different locations in and around his North Carolina community as well as individualized training. Ultimately, he wants to open a permanent indoor/outdoor facility.

Signal 88 and VBS wishes the best of luck, Brian. And when you have gyms all across America, we hope you’ll consider Signal 88 for their security needs.

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