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Cartridge World’s New Business Model
Cartridge World’s New Business Model Meets Huge Business Need

Businesses Benefit from Comprehensive Printing Products and Services.

In the midst of an energetic reinvention, Cartridge World is carving a new niche as the only international franchise to serve as a provider of printers, printer supplies and full-service support for small business owners. The move to provide expanded B2B printing solutions fills a need that neither big box nor office supply stores have met. As both Staples and Office Depot/OfficeMax announced closing 625 stores, the sales opportunity has quickly become larger for Cartridge World’s network of nearly 600 stores in North America.

With more than 18 million small- to medium-sized businesses in the United States, the market for providing printing solutions is enormous for Cartridge World. Nearly every business and office prints hundreds to thousands of documents daily. But unlike superstores that sell an array of office supplies, Cartridge World franchisees provide printing expertise. They are a one-stop-shop helping customers choose and install high-performance printers, cartridges, services and supplies.

Cartridge World is not new to the $80 billion printer industry. The company has a network of 1,400 franchised stores in over 50 countries, and has been selling printer cartridges for years. However, providing full-service printing solutions for the business market is a new value proposition. A number of franchisees have piloted the new system with tremendous results. New franchisees have begun training on the new model.

The company’s first official public debut of the new model was shared with attendees at the International Franchise Expo in New York (June 19-21).

While Cartridge World stores will continue sales to serve the needs of businesses and consumers, the primary focus for franchisees will be building relationships with businesses to provide them with ongoing solutions for printers, printer products and services.

“When a business needs to buy, lease, repair or recycle a printer, their options are limited,” said William Swanson, North American CEO of Cartridge World. “Big-box and office supply stores don’t offer solutions. They have a limited number of products on their shelves, and their employees don’t get it.” On the other hand, Swanson explained, “Cartridge World franchisees customize printing solutions that make sense for business owners in terms of providing the right equipment, supplies and service. This will save time and money.”

Cartridge World was launched in the U.S. in 2003 with a focus on remanufacturing printer cartridges in the stores. With the new model, the emphasis is on selling high-efficiency printers that use high-yield printer cartridges, and providing services and solutions designed for business owners, including:

  • Free next-day delivery of printing supplies
  • Special pricing, recycling services and printer loaner programs for business customers
  • Fast and efficient printer maintenance and repair
  • Free online ordering tools and apps to monitor printer performance and cartridge use
  • Certified service engineers who are on call and beat expensive IT service contracts
  • Fixed monthly-fee printer fleet programs

Cartridge World franchisees who have adopted the new model are benefitting from larger volume sales and ROI through stronger relationships with business customers. Swanson said, “We introduced the new business concept to our franchise system about a year ago, and what began as a window of opportunity is now becoming the future of our brand.”

Cartridge World encourages franchise ownership by Veterans through providing a special 15 percent franchisee fee discount to military personnel.

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