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Veterans Business Services (VBS) represents an internet army of Veterans who look for tools, techniques and opportunities to further their entrepreneurial dreams.  In our midst are thousands of Service Disabled Veterans who are qualified and best suited for self-employment. Over the last five years we have worked to persuade the Veterans Administration (VA) that a disability for some Veterans can be an awesome component for entrepreneurial success. Our goal is to continue to serve the VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VRE) for Self-Employment Program collaboration with the Small Business Administration’s Office of Veteran Business Development (OVSD).




The mission of Veterans Business Services, Inc. (VBS) is to operate a business service platform and networking hub that aids Service Disabled Veteran entrepreneurs seeking, acquiring, and/or developing small businesses through the Veteran Administration’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Self-Employment Program.



The VBS long term vision is the realization of a national decentralized network of Resource Navigators ™ who assist Service Disables Veteran entrepreneurs. The VBS network will use a peer-to peer approach to develop custom entrepreneurial strategies for each Service Disabled Veteran that will leverage community, philanthropic, government, business and educational resources. VBS envisions the use of Benefit Corporations as the organizational structures necessary to enhance authentic connections between Veteran businesses and their communities.


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