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  • Leveraging Military Experience for Franchise Success

    Lieutenant Colonel David Robinson completed his due diligence and selected ARCpoint Labs as his franchise of choice. There couldn’t be a more suited military candidate for this franchise opportunity. David’s 23 years of military experience as a communications officer with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan and his current position as a Reserve Battalion Commander at Ft. Carson, CO made him more than qualified to run a successful medical testing franchise. His history of supporting military members through his role as a Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) and through his involvement with the Army Substance Abuse Program(ASAP) has also helped him to see the importance of utilizing drug testing services for the military through his new franchise in Boulder, CO.

    Not only has David’s military experience complimented his franchise choice, his civilian sector experience has also greatly positioned his company to offer services and solutions which will benefit the community. Currently, David is very involved in the civilian sector through his position as a Reserve Peace Officer in which he volunteers his time 2-3 shifts a month. He is actively involved on the board of  Colorado Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). His training includes conducting Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE). David anticipates that his new franchise will address the needs of the law enforcement community and the possible need for DNA & Forensic testing in the future.

    David was able to make the decision of selecting ARCpoint Labs through the support of Veterans Business Services (VBS) and will continue to receive support with his goals to capture government contracts as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOB). As a Service Disabled Veteran he is capable of bidding on any drug testing contracts and is eligible for government set aside contracts as well. His MBA and 15 years experience in government contracting within the Satellite Operations industry is sure to compliment his business plans with ARCpoint Labs. David was able to work with the ARCpoint Labs National Accounts group, who have supported his plans to attempt to capture government contracts in the Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, and local government agencies. David was able to finance this opportunity through a home equity loan, personal saving and a VBS Grant that was provided to assist him in the startup costs of the franchise. VBS is very proud to be able to promote his success and continue to support him with his government contracting efforts in the future.

    ARCpoint Labs is a full-service national third-party provider/administrator providing Accurate, Reliable, and Confidential drug, alcohol, DNA and steroid testing, employment/background and wellness screening and corporate wellness programs. The company is nationally recognized and affiliated with the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA) and has developed a comprehensive program incorporating the many aspects of federally mandated and non-mandated testing. ARCpoint Labs has been in the drug and alcohol testing business for over eighteen years and has over sixty years of combined staff experience.

    For additional information about ARCpoint Labs please visit

  • Retired Marine Finds Perfect Fit at Archadeck

    For former Marine Kyle Faulkner, owning an Archadeck Outdoor Living franchise fit perfectly with his background, seeing that he’s a third generation carpenter. Both his grandfather and father owned construction companies that specialized in building residential homes, so once Faulkner was done with the military, Archadeck just seemed like a good fit.

    “I started out doing construction from the time I was really old enough to swing a hammer,” Faulkner said during a recent interview from his headquarters in Raleigh, NC, where he is the CEO and owner of the Raleigh-Durham territory of Archadeck. While his father and grandfather specialized in houses, Faulkner, as part of Archadeck, has a more niche specialty. The company designs and builds outdoor living areas like decks, screened porches, patios and sunrooms. It’s part of the Outdoor Living Brands family of franchises, along with Renew Crew, Mosquito Squad and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Faulkner has been with Archadeck since October of 2013 when he purchased a small portion of the Raleigh territory. In early 2014, he took over the entire Raleigh Durham area and has been in operation for a year. The franchise was recommended to him by a family friend who also happened to be a business broker who knew about Archadeck. “He knew it kind of fit my background, which is in construction,” Faulkner said. Once he found out about the franchise, it was just a matter of meeting with Rob Haislip, the Vice-President of franchise operations with Archadeck Outdoor Living, and a lucrative partnership was forged.

    Looking for Stability

    Prior to joining Archadeck, Faulkner spent eight years in the Marines in the engineering field hopping back and forth between the US and the Middle East. All that instability made him yearn for a place to settle down into a more stable position where he could establish some roots rather than being deployed for a year at a time and being stationed somewhere new every couple of years, which meant picking up stakes and moving.  “It’s difficult to have a family and to have that grounded base that I wanted to have,” he said. “I saw lots of my friends raise their kids from thousands of miles away and get to see them only on holidays and I knew that that’s not what I wanted.” So, after eight years in the Marines, he completed some schooling and ended up moving back to North Carolina from San Diego to take over the Raleigh Durham territory. After he made the decision to leave the Marines, Faulkner said, he wanted something to call his own and owning his own business seemed like the best way to accomplish that goal. And joining a franchise means they can provide assistance with getting the business up and running, he explained, while still allowing the franchisee room to grow and make changes that they think are necessary.

    Getting Started

    Getting started with Archadeck meant four weeks of training in Richmond, VA, going there for two weeks, getting a one-week break and then going back for two more weeks. During that time, they went through everything they could, Faulkner recalled, but it’s hard to fit everything you need to know about the business into four weeks. There are so many products available and so many things to learn about building codes and standards. For example, Faulkner’s territory encompasses 27 different jurisdictions that all have their own building codes and standards, all of which he has to know and follow while designing and building outdoor living spaces. Fortunately, Archadeck also provides ongoing support and training like making sure that if any assistance is needed with material or vendors or the aforementioned building codes, that franchisees get the assistance they need. Different people in the Richmond headquarters have different areas of expertise like drafting, building codes and inbound and outbound marketing. These specialists are there to help franchisees should they have any questions or need a hand. Archadeck franchisees also meet regularly for their annual meeting and regional meetings and are more than happy to share business practices and tips with each other.

    Working Balance into Life

    Although his work/life balance is far different than before, it still affords him the time to see his family. During his active duty time with the Marines, when he was in the States, Faulkner said, he would work six to eight hours per day, but he was off on the weekends and holidays and tended to take a lot of early days on Fridays. But, on the other hand, when deployed, the work was almost non-stop, seven days per week. Nowadays, he works on average about 10-14 hours per day, but does make a point to take Saturday or Sunday off to spend with his family. He still answers the phone, though. It always seems like he’s working, the Archadeck owner said, but he can now work from home or he schedule the work around appointments and other things because it also affords him flexibility to make his own schedule. As long as people are prepared for the amount of work it takes to make a successful franchise, he said, it’s well worth it to get into, especially if you seemed to be born for this kind of thing, like being a third-generation carpenter.


  • Tutor Doctor to Assist Veterans

    Tutor Doctor Franchisees Partner with Veterans Administration to Assist Transitioning Veterans

    Through a great collaborative effort of Tutor Doctor’s Operations Team and Bob Rosedale, a US veteran and a Tutor Doctor franchisee based in Idaho, Tutor Doctor won the bid and secured a $3.25 million contract with the US Veterans Administration! The five-year contract will provide vocational training and transition services to military veteran men and women pursuing non-military careers!

    Tutor Doctor, the #1 at-home tutoring franchise in the world, was the only franchise company capable to provide services across all of the nine states in the western region, ranging from Colorado to Hawaii, which the VA was looking for.

    Tutor Doctor’s 22 local offices across the region and its ability to recruit, train and retain the best tutors and trainers with specialized skills were the primary factors in the VA’s decision to work with Tutor Doctor. Bob Rosedale will lead the regional Tutor Doctor team to ensure our veterans are receiving professional and high quality training.

    Rosedale’s franchise success in Idaho and his enthusiasm and support of Tutor Doctor’s principles and values combined with his entrepreneurial spirit were instrumental in securing this contract. He applies the same commitment and dedication to his Tutor Doctor business as he did to his country during his 26-year military career. He retired as a US Air Force squadron commander in the late 2000.

    Tutor Doctor offers help in any subject to students of all ages including adults going back to school. Rosedale has a roster of more than 100 tutors, including active and retired school principals, teachers, engineers, business professionals, veterans and professionals with experience working with special-needs students.

    Rosedale’s business has provided over 10,000 tutoring sessions to over 500 families since opening in 2011. About 100 new families have signed up earlier this year, giving Rosedale’s Tutor Doctor the greatest year-over-year first quarter growth rate among Tutor Doctor franchises in the western US.

    “We are in a fortunate position to be helping our transitioning veterans,” says Rosedale. He continues, “I personally went through a transition over ten years ago and am thankful to have the opportunity to help others.”

    Today, there are a few areas included in the contract with VA where a Tutor Doctor franchisee is required including:

    • Honolulu, HI
    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • Fort Harrison, MT

    There are also a few remaining territories in the western US region which could benefit from the contract! If you or someone you know is a community leader with strong people skills looking to start their own business in these areas, get in touch with Tutor Doctor immediately!

    Learn more about becoming a Tutor Doctor franchisee by completing the online form below:

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