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You’ve completed your military career, and you’re ready to start a new career — on your own terms. Studies indicate you earned discipline and skills in the military that directly apply to franchise management. Chances are, you earned something else: a Thrift Savings Account. So why not use your own funding? As a military entrepreneur, you can use your Thrift Savings Account – or other retirement funds – to invest in a franchise, start a new venture, or infuse capital into an existing business.

In a time when business opportunities are abundant and business lending sources are scarce, this type of self-reliant funding allows you to get a fresh start – tax-deferred and without early distribution penalties — using funds you already have in reserve. Thousands of Americans have already done so. In the process, you’ll establish a qualified retirement plan that helps you – and your new company’s employees – plan for the future. Take control of your career and your future – with your own funds.

A new report from the IFA prepared by Franchise Business Review shows over 64,000 veterans, military spouses and wounded warriors have started careers in franchising, including 4,314 new veteran franchise business owners, since 2011 through Operation Enduring Opportunity, a campaign of IFA’s VetFran Strategic Initiative.

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