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As part of our partnership with Naranga software to promote their products to the Veteran marketplace and to the Franchise Industry, we would like to give you a better overview of the company and its products.

Naranga, the second-largest provider of franchise operations software, today has had a record number of franchisors – 84 year-to-date – who have switched to Naranga’s software in 2017 as some of the top brands domestically and internationally seek to simplify and automate their franchise operations.

Our partnership with Naranga will support the Veterans Business Services business model, and through this partnership we can make a special offer of 15% off to any franchise organization who needs to transition to a better and more efficient franchise software platform like Naranga.

Whether it’s a new franchise brand building an infrastructure or a growing franchisor looking to establish more efficiency and consistency throughout their network, Naranga’s software is the difference to drive your business forward.

Their dynamic enterprise platform is designed to serve businesses from 1 to 1000+ locations. They are proud to offer the simplest, most robust solutions for the franchise market.

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“The Secret of Getting Franchisees to Follow the Process”

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