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Download Book: Basics of Small Business Financing

Understanding your financial needs, types of funding available and how to prepare for the application process

Building a business is one the most challenging and most rewarding things you’ll go through. You’re developing a product or service for a certain market that you really believe in. You’ve worked long hard hours to perfect your product, marketing and sales. You know you’ll need funding eventually, but when is the right time for it or what should a small business owner be looking for?

In this ebook, we will help you understand:

1. How to determine your financial needs. We’ll look at how important cash flow and coverage is for your business.
2. Reasons why you may need or should be seeking funding. Understanding the nature of your need and how urgent you need funding can be determining factors in getting approved.
3. Types of funding available. Three main types of financing are available to small businesses.
4. What documents to prepare. Every lender asks for different items, here are the basics.

Check it out – our experts at StreetShares have put together a brand new ebook with all of the basics you’ll need when financing your small business. This free ebook provides tons of info on different types of financing, getting your documentation in order, and choosing the right lender.

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