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Veterans Business Services (VBS) knows first hand that opening a business or starting down a new career path can be challenging and rewarding. That is why VBS offers consulting services expressly to veterans – professionals who understand that hard work, dedication, and adherence to high standards are some of the building blocks of success. VBS is a certified SDVOSB and has specific experience in helping develop and test the feasibility of VA Chapter 31 IWRP and IEAP Self-Employment Plans. At VBS, we provide the following consulting services:

  • Create and implement a business plan
  • Identify and clarify goals
  • Set business strategies to achieve your goals
  • Define your client base
  • Provide unbiased advice and feedback
  • Maintain focus and diminish distractions
  • Ensure consistency in practice and results
  • Provide management resources and executive coaching
  • Increase sales growth and profitability

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