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ez8a SDVOSB Certification takes the headaches out of the SDVOSB certification process. They do the pre-application setup SAM Registration, DUNS Registration and then they complete the SDVOSB Certification and submit all required documentation to the SBA document repository. They are highly experienced at helping firms receive their SDVOSB, certification but also in the reconsideration process. They have encountered all the scenarios and have a strong understanding of the reconsideration process requirements being implemented by the CVE. Of course you can do the process yourself, but utilizing a certification expert will assure you it is getting done right the first time.
8a Certiciation:The 8a application process is a long and detailed one. Part of the process is completed online through the SBA’s portal, and part of it requires a paper application which typically is 300-500 pages in length. The applicants must follow a very specific format so that it is congruent with the SBA’s review process. Expectations are that the SBA will complete its review of an 8a application in a period of 3 months from the date in which they receive the application. Over the years ez8a has found that most business owners would prefer to stay completely focused on the growth of their business, rather than spending the necessary time and/or resources to figure out the rules and nuances associated with the assembly and submission of an 8a application.


Through a partnership with ez8a, VBS members have been provided a discounted rate of 15% off of 8a & SDVOSB Certification services provided through ez8a. VBS looks forward to utilizing ez8a as a resource for our members and we hope you are able to benefit from their expertise and see the value in their offering. Visit to learn more about their services.

In order to become eligible for this ez8a 15% discount, you must complete the following form and a representative from ez8a will contact you as soon as possible.

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